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November 21, 2023

Analysing the Effectiveness of Paper-Based Education Materials in the Digital Era

In the ongoing debate between paper-based and digital learning materials, the effectiveness of paper holds intriguing insights. A research in the US reveals a surprising result: while students often believe they learn more from online reading, tests demonstrate that they may, in fact, learn less compared to their engagement with print1.

The same research also emphasises on the impact of reading speed on digital platforms, where quick scanning, can hinder comprehension, particularly with complex information. The act of scrolling further challenges the brain’s ability to create mental maps, which is crucial for memory recall. When reading a printed book, for example, it’s easy to know roughly which page you’re on, but that’s far more difficult when scrolling through text on a screen1.

Beyond reading, the mode of note-taking also plays a role in educational outcomes. A 2014 study discovered that students who took notes by hand outperformed their laptop-using peers in both factual and conceptual questions2.In addition to the benefit on reading and note-taking, printed materials also bring into focus the eco-friendly aspect when weighed against the environmental waste of digital devices.

The global recycling rate for e-waste registers at a mere 17.4% as compared to paper recycling rate of 71.4%3. Simultaneously, the disposal of digital hardware, with 5.3 billion mobile phones estimated to be discarded in 2022, poses a growing environmental threat4.

Considering the environmental impact of digital devices and the potential drawbacks of excessive screen time, embracing paper in education not only aligns with effective learning strategies but also contributes to a more sustainable approach to knowledge acquisition.

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