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PaperOne Copier

PaperOne Copier is developed for high speed and problem free usage in high-volume copiers.
It is a true work-horse which gives you clear crisp and excellent quality for every single print/copy. It has exceptional formation and good smoothness to ensure consistent and problem-free copying.

PaperOne Copier is available in a variety of sizes and grammages for today’s modern copy equipment and is specially adapted for printing in machines using the xerographic principle.

Product Attributes

  • Designed for high-volume photocopy machines and laser printers
  • Good Whiteness
  • High image clarity, contrast and sharpness
  • Suitable for all office equipment using the xerographic principle
  • Good thickness & opacity
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Precision cut edges
  • ProDigi™ HD Print Technology


  • Office Documents
  • Reading Materials
  • Letterhead
  • Bills
  • Booklets

GSM / Sheet Size

Environmental Profile

  • Singapore Green Label Certified

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