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Phoenix Carbonless Paper (NCR)

Developed by Oji Paper, the pioneer in no-carbon copying paper and one of the most respected pulp & paper producers, Phoenix Carbonless Paper is a pressure-sensitive copying paper, ideal for making duplicate copies and ensuring your originals are reborn flawlessly, every time!

For carbonless Paper the image formation process occurs from colorless dyes contained within microcapsules coated on the back side of the CB paper. 

Phoneix Carbonless Paper is well accepted and highly trusted by customers due to its excellent image quality, copying capability and protection of smudge occurrence from normal handling and usage. 

It can be used to generate high-quality image on multiple plies of paper. The image capability is hardly affected by moisture, light, or heat. The developed image hardly fades out, being maintained as original for long time, as far as it is filed and stored under the normal conditions. 

Our carbonless paper also realises remarkable printability, runnability and convertibility because of its excellent stiffness and dimensional stability. 

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Product Attributes

  • Produces intense, clear-cut images in blue or black
  • Provides excellent resistance to the elements – like sunlight, heat and moisture – ensuring clear copies and stable quality
  • Minimal fade-out and retains images for longer periods (under normal conditions)
  • High sensitivity and copying capability
  • High whiteness and smoothness
  • Excellent printability, runnability and convertability


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  • Documents

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