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Bagus PVC Board

Bagus PVC Board is ideal for printing direct onto a wide range of display applications. The main material is PVC & Calcium Carbonate. These high density PVC rigid boards have become substitution of wood in many fields. Being a rigid, durable and hard wearing material, it is ideal for various applications which includes Outdoor Signs, Graphics Panels and Exhibition Display Boards.

It can be printed and engraved easily. Bagus PVC Board is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.

PVC sheet board is flexible, economical and extremely versatile. The fine cell structure and smooth surface finish makes it the preferred choice of professional printers and sign makers.

Product Attributes

  • light weight, good tenacity, high rigidity
  • good insulation
  • good plasticity, an excellent thermoform material
  • sub-light surface and elegant vision
  • suitable for silk screen printing or UV direct printing


  • Exhibition desk, Supermarket Shelves
  • Advertisement Board and sign board
  • Architectural decoration and upholstery
  • Decoration for partition wall and shop windows

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