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PaperOne™ Digital Carbon Neutral by APRIL

Made from 100% renewable fibres from certified sustainably managed forests, PaperOne Digital 80gsm’s carbon footprint is third-party verified and certified by SCS Global services and is based on Cradle-to-Grave LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology that analyses the carbon footprint of the entire product lifecycle from raw materials to disposal. Our premium paper further impresses with […]

Bagus PVC Vinyl Film (Vinyl Sticker)

Go Bold and Capture Attention! From dramatic graphics print to striking colours, these vinyl stickers were made to get your advertisements noticed. Interested to find out more? Ask the expert!

3M™ Print Wrap Film IJ280

A bold new standard in vinyl film wraps Meet our most technologically advanced vinyl wrap solution, 3M™ Print Wrap Film IJ280. With unprecedented conformability and lifting resistance, this game-changing vinyl sticker stays exactly where you want, allowing your confidence to soar. Wrap fast, wrap fearlessly with IJ280. Interested to find out more? Ask the expert

Sinar Vanda

Sinar Vanda is our high bulk white-back folding box board (GC1) designed to serve most packaging applications by combining higher yield, strength, good converting and printing properties. It suitable for pharmaceutical, beauty care, food packaging, household and Luxury packagings. Available in: 260gsm, 280gsm, 305gsm and 330gsm. Interested to find out more? Please click here

PE Food Board

OVOL’s PE Food Board is a polyethylene coated white board designed as a food packaging board that has the capabilities to be stored in both fridge and frozen condition. It is an excellent packaging paperboard certified by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for safe and direct contact with food. With the excellent stiffness, this […]


OVOL PBS Board is a bioplastic called PBS coated white board and is an environmentally-friendly heat sealable paperboard, specially safe to use for beverage and food packaging. OVOL PBS Board is suitable for hot & cold cups, food container, food bucket, snack box, lunch box and many more. PBS’s compostability is certified as OK Compost […]


OVOL ES Board is an excellent choice if you are looking for environmentally friendly packaging, easy peel paperboard, specially safe to use for beverage and food packaging and it is heat sealable. It can hold a temperature range from 0 to 95 degree Celsius, making it suitable for soup, gravy, hot and cold food and […]

VP 750 Ink Cartridge

We provide the ink for your VP 750 label printing machine. Call us or our Specialist to check out more! Colours: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

VP 750 Label Printing Machine

Powered by Memjet Inkjet Technology, VP750 prints high quality labels at blazing speed. It’s not only easy to use but delivers the lowest total cost of ownership for printer of its class. Whether you are a brand owner, manufacturer, a label converter or a print house, the VP750 empowers you to print labels on demand and in exact quantity needed.  The […]


Exciting as a dive in a tropical sea, Reef has the same essence of a natural element and the charm of an adventurous journey. This paper gives the feeling of precious treasures of the deep: its texture evokes fine sands, live rock, corals and colourful fish scales.Reef is ideal for graphic design and packaging that […]

Derprosa Antimicrobial Laminating Film

BacterStop Antibacterial Laminating Film is now rebranded as Derprosa Antimicrobial With immediate effect, Derprosa BacterStop Antibacterial Laminating film is now rebranded to Derprosa Antimicrobial – and for a good reason! For a long time, the supplier for Derprosa film’s main focus was to prevent and eliminate the spread of diseases caused by various types of […]


Stardream is undoubtedly the star in our dazzling collection of fancy papers. With colour choices as plentiful as the stars in the galaxy, its metallic pearlescent luster lends an ethereal quality to each of your designs. Stardream allows you to fulfill your most fanciful design dreams, without having to wish upon a star. Note: Advise […]

AntiMicroBac – The antimicrobial Varnish

Introducing our new Antimicrobial Varnish – AntiMicroBac! Varnish your brochures, books, packaging material and get the protection against bacteria, mould and viruses. Certified under ISO 22196 by BioCote. Laboratory Tested to eliminate the following microbes: Microbial A – Z: In Compliance With: REACH legislation (EU 1907 / 2006) EU Food Contact Status (Swiss Ordinance 817.023.212 […]

Warehousing and Logistics

OVOL Singapore offers fast and efficient delivery services. Free delivery is provided for all orders above $400 for general / fancy / specialty papers and Sign & Display materials or 12 boxes (60 reams) for copier papers. We also provide high-volume storage space for our customers in our warehouse. If you have any enquiries regarding […]

Guillotine (Cutting)

OVOL Singapore provides guillotine (cutting) services to customise your papers into sizes that you need. Please let us know the size to be trimmed and we will advise you accordingly. Talk to our customer services team or sales representative regarding the paper cutting service.

Converting (Sheeting / Rewinding)

OVOL Singapore provides converting service. We are able to convert rolls of papers into sheet form or rewind them into smaller rolls. Call us for more information~ Sheeting   Rewinding  


The Venus range epitomises all that is feminine, subtle and stylish. A perennial beauty, these papers are exquisite, versatile and environmentally friendly, yet inexpensive. Choose Venus, and let your masterpieces radiate with beauty from within. Venus range: Venus V-Lite Silk (Lightly Coated) Venus V-Lite Embossed (Lightly Coated & Embossed) Venus Wove (Uncoated) Venus Embossed (Uncoated […]

Natural Evolution

Natural Evolution replicates nature’s amazing ability to adapt, allowing you to experience your own natural evolution – a natural paper that readily transforms itself and gives life to your astounding creative works. Natural Evolution offers you unexpectedly surprising results, an “uncoated” feel paper that prints just like a coated paper. Click here for free sample!


Named after famed Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, this environmentally friendly creative paper features a rich texture with its light felt marks, giving you a soft, mellow and pleasant feel. Modigliani exudes classy elegance, quiet prestige and rich character that blends perfectly well with your creative masterpieces. Click here for free sample!

Yupo Synthetic Paper

Yupo paper is a 100% tree-free premium synthetic paper that is recyclable and waterproof. It is often used for design, packaging and labeling. Click here for free sample! Reasons to use YUPO Synthetic Paper: It’s waterproof and stands up to the rigors of the elements and demanding environments. Ultra-smooth and bright white Versatile – from […]


LEATHERLIKE is a paper that resembles real leather.It is inspired by the fashion sector and dedicated to luxury printing and packaging. On the surface the leather-like designs are highly visible, giving both a distinctive style and a unique tactile experience. LEATHERLIKE is an environmentally friendly product available in 3 shades (Black, Brown and White); 2 […]


Named after Salvador Dali, a world-renowned artist, Dali paper has the ability to produce fine creative works much like its famous namesake. Few creative papers can give you the same great luxurious feel as this high-quality felt-marked paper, enhancing your unusual designs with its classic texture and vibrant colours. Click here for free sample!

Pacesetter Plus Matt

Challenged by tight budgets and high expectations, more decision makers are now choosing eco-friendly (green) papers for their demanding communication needs. Whether it is for flyers, business reports or magazines, this product yields exceptional results with its high opacity, good printability and a wide weight range. This FSC® Certified Paper pushes back boundaries with its […]

Pacesetter Plus C1S (Coated 1 side board) – FSC® Certified

It is an environmentally friendly paperboard. By using Pacesetter Plus C1S, it reflects your commitment to the environment without compromising on quality, clarity and affordability. On top of being a sustainable packaging board, it also features high bulk, excellent printability and good converting properties to serve most packaging applications. For free samples and questions please […]

Ozone Offset

Ozone Offset is an uncoated woodfree range popularly used as a publishing grade. Ozone Offset is an FSC® certified paper product range that satisfies even the most demanding requirements. Click here for free sample!

Green Forest Smooth

Our most popular FSC® Certified eco-friendly paper now comes with an even more luxurious surface. This product is a silky smooth version that gives you a finish like no other. Glide your hands across the smoothest surface on an uncoated paper as you imagine the sort of impact it can deliver to you. Click here […]

Green Forest Offset

Green Forest Offset is an uncoated FSC® certified paper product that reflects your commitment to the environment without compromising quality, clarity and affordability. The philosophy behind Green Forest is simple: we make your prints come to life while keeping the Earth alive. Click here for free sample!

9lives Silk

9lives “Born Again Paper” is a high quality 55% coated recycled paper with excellent environmental (green) attributes. Its recycled properties may not be apparent to your naked eye but therein lies its beauty. Its crisp, white surface produces pin-sharp pictures and ensures your solid colours stay bright. This product is FSC® Certified. Click here for […]

3M™ Envision™ Print Wrap Film 480MC

From stunning graphics to eye-catching colours, these films are made to get you noticed. Loaded with features you need for faster and easier installations and removals, these vinyl stickers can create one-of-a-kind graphics on vehicles, walls and signage.

PaperOne All Purpose

PaperOne All Purpose is a premium quality home and office paper for all printing and copying machines. It is a flexible paper capable of switching from one machine to another with great print results. It has super high whiteness and thickness which produces world-class documents with sharp and clear print. PaperOne Copier is available in […]

Art Paper – C2S (Gloss / Matt)

Whether it’s in gloss, matt or satin finish, you will find the perfect art paper in the size and weight here. Click here for free sample! Goldeast Gloss / Matt Art Paper Product Attributes: • Blue-white shade• Smooth Paper Surface• High Whiteness, Stiffness, Bulk & Opacity• High Printing Gloss, Sharpness & Contrast• High Registration Accuracy• […]

PaperOne Copier

PaperOne Copier is developed for high speed and problem free usage in high-volume copiers.It is a true work-horse which gives you clear crisp and excellent quality for every single print/copy. It has exceptional formation and good smoothness to ensure consistent and problem-free copying. PaperOne Copier is available in a variety of sizes and grammages for […]

Art Card – C2S (Gloss / Matt)

Our 2-side coated art cards (gloss/matt) come in popular weights and sizes, making it an easy and economical choice for your large-scale printing requirements. Click here for free sample! Ningbo Star Artcard Ningbo Star C2S art board gives you the characteristics of high gloss levels with good bulk and excellent stiffness. The silky texture 2-side […]

3M™ Envision™ Print Film 48C

From stunning graphics to eye-catching colours, these films were made to get you noticed. It is a non-PVC film that offers you a sustainability edge, at an affordable price. A versatile intermediate film that combines excellent print quality with amazing ease of application and removal for graphics used as a promotional media. A single film […]

PaperOne Digital

PaperOne™ Digital is a premium quality paper that ensures superb printability on industry-leading digital printers and copiers with its extra high smoothness and unparalleled whiteness.It is a premium quality paper designed to fit all types of office equipment using inkjet and xerographic principles. Click here for further enquiry!

Uncoated Woodfree

Choose the right type of uncoated woodfree paper for your specific needs, in a wide variety of weight (gsm) and sizes. Click here for free sample! April Fine (Paperone) Woodfree UPM Fine Woodfree Thai A Print Woodfree IKPP Woodfree Pindo Instant Pre-Print– For two processes printing; Offset to Digital Printing  

3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Film IJ180MC

Industry favorite for wraps, 130% stretch, optimised initial tack, slideability, air release and snap-up. From stunning graphics to eye-catching colours, these vinyl stickers were made to get you noticed. They are loaded with features you need for faster and easier installations and removals.   

Uncoated Card

Our uncoated cards come in popular weights and sizes, making it convenient and economical for your large-scale printing requirements. Click here for free sample!


Re-board® is a revolutionary lightweight paper-based sandwich board. It is made using a patented structure of corrugated board cells with several layers of special liners that give it excellent strength. Re-board® decreases the use of raw materials by up to 80% compared to solid boards like chipboards. It is suitable for direct printing with UV […]

Digituff Synthetic Series

Digituff Gloss Clear 100mic A collection of synthetic media tougher than paper. Click here for free sample! Product Attributes Water-resistant Tear-resistant Compatible with most laser printers & copiers Suitable for full colour imaging Applications Transparencies Inserts Divider Digituff Heavy Gloss Clear 182mic It is double-sided, gloss clear, coated polyester with high anti-static properties. Product Attributes […]

Double A Paper

Everything is in the fiber, and Double A’s high fiber content makes it the best copy paper for high-speed machines. Good Runnability: Our precision rotary paper cutting machines significantly reduce paper jams in copiers. ‘No Jam’ Runnability test performed under independent laboratory conditions in which 60 pages per minute were copied for 24 continuous hours. […]

Rhizao C1S (Coated 1 Side Board)

Featuring high bulk, this is a 1 side coated packaging board suitable for packaging boxes, including food packaging, toiletries packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging and many more. RIZHAO WHITEBACK BOARD – 1/S COATED Interested to find out more? Ask the expert

Bagus PVC Board

Bagus PVC Board is ideal for printing direct onto a wide range of display applications. The main material is PVC & Calcium Carbonate. These high density PVC rigid boards have become substitution of wood in many fields. Being a rigid, durable and hard wearing material, it is ideal for various applications which includes Outdoor Signs, Graphics […]

Stafix Grip White/Clear

Stafix Grip is a glue-free sticker that adheres to various clean and very smooth surfaces with silicon adhesion layer. The material is removable without leaving any residue. Click here for free sample!

HP Everyday Paper

Your everyday office printing just got better with HP Everyday Paper. Using the revolutionary ColorLok® Technology, these papers deliver faster-drying documents, vibrant colours and darker blacks. You get laser-crisp text, virtually smear-free documents and colours so bright they practically leap off your sheets. Print a perfect page everyday with HP Everyday Paper. Click here for […]

Phoenix Carbonless Paper (NCR)

Developed by Oji Paper, the pioneer in no-carbon copying paper and one of the most respected pulp & paper producers, Phoenix Carbonless Paper is a pressure-sensitive copying paper, ideal for making duplicate copies and ensuring your originals are reborn flawlessly, every time! For carbonless Paper the image formation process occurs from colorless dyes contained within […]

Bagus Foam Board

Suitable for graphics mounting, screen printing or direct UV printing. White Foam Center Paper Liner on both sides 1. Center Extruded White polystyrene foam Soluble in solvent base glue Water-Base glue recommended Not flame retardant Damaged when exposed to heat more than 100*c Non-acidic and non-toxic 2. Liner White clay-coated matte paper 150gsm pH neutral […]

DigiPrint (Digital Stickers)

DigiPrint is a collection of Synthetic and Paper Stickers that are specially developed for dry-toner digital printers. Whether you’re looking for a simple sticker to promote your brand or a complex design to add more flairs to your products, our stickers are a great choice for your project. With their versatility, durability, and ease of […]

Pindo Coloured Card

Take your pick from our affordable range of brilliantly-coloured cards in every imaginable hue! Click here for free sample! Colours available: Product Colours: Pink Blue Yellow Green Buff White

HP Business Copy Paper

Find a simple solution to essential office printing jobs with HP Business Copy Paper. Using ColorLok® Technology, your documents are printed with vibrant colours and intense black with less risk of smudging. The HP Business Copy Paper is ideal for high quality printing and a jam-free performance. With HP Papers, Get it Right the First Time™. […]

Bagus Display Board

Bagus Display Board are twin-sided display boards that are intended for screen, digital or offset printing. They are available with a double-coated or triple-coated surface, providing superior printing characteristics. They also offer outstanding bulk, caliper and stiffness in comparison with similar products. A board that is available in a variety of calipers and primarily targeted for use in […]

Sinar Coloured Woodfree

Made with virgin pulp, Sinar Coloured woodfree is environmentally friendly. With a wide range of colours, it will give your artwork a sharp, clear and bright colour for excellent image contrast. Click here for free sample!

Sinar Spectra Colour Paper

Take your pick from our affordable range of brilliantly-coloured woodfree copier paper in every imaginable hue! Sinar Spectra is an acid free high quality paper that assures your satisfaction. Click here for further enquiry!

O3 Digital

O3 Digital is an uncoated woodfree range popularly used as a publishing grade. One of the most popular woodfree papers amongst multi-use grades, this paper range satisfies even the most demanding requirements. Click here for free sample!

Lux Cream Book Paper

Lux Cream is a coated mechanical book paper grade with luxurious creamy shade, particularly for book printing with many pages. Its creamy shade is great when you’re looking for an antique or retro effect, pleasant for reading. A coated mechanical publishing paper, it also boasts excellent printability and an even shade. Click here for free […]

Computer Form

High quality computer word processing paper.Optimum thickness and whiteness.It is widely used for printing of reports, statements, invoices, delivery orders and purchase orders.

IKPP Drawing Paper

Choose the right type of paper for your specific needs! IKPP Drawing Paper is the best choice for making drawing pads. Click here for free sample!

POS Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal paper roll is a special fine paper that is coated with a chemical that changes colour when exposed to heat. It is used in thermal printers and particularly in inexpensive or lightweight devices such as adding machines, cash registers and credit card terminals. Click here for further enquiry!

Stretch Film

Available in both hand roll and machine roll plastic stretch film, this is the ideal packaging solution for ensuring the stability of palletised goods during transportation. They provide great strength, durability, versatility and low maintenance. They are most suitable for pallet wrapping and packaging of industrial products. Click here for further enquiry!

Green Forest Digi-Smooth

Green Forest Digi-Smooth is a silky smooth version of uncoated white base digital paper, that gives you a finish like no other. Glide your hands across the smoothest surface on an uncoated paper as you imagine the sort of impact it can deliver to you. Click here for free sample!

Green Forest Digital

Green Forest Digital size paper is your best choice for all your digital printing needs. It is suitable for all kinds of applications like name cards, book cover, invitation cards, flyers, brochures, report, letterhead, envelope and etc. Its great printability and vibrant colour will bring your artwork to the next level. Click here for free […]

PSP Digi-Matt

PSP Digi-Matt is coated 2-sided Matt art card from 170gsm to 300gsm. Click here for free sample!

Cavallo Plus

Cavallo Plus is coated 2-sided board, also known as artcard from 200gsm to 350gsm. Click here for free sample!