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January 30, 2024

Understanding Uncoated Woodfree Paper and Its Application

What is Woodfree Paper?

Woodfree paper refers to papers created from chemical pulp rather than mechanical pulp1. Chemical pulp is made of pulpwood, which involves the extraction of cellulose from wood by dissolving the lignin that binds the cellulose fibers together2. This results in a paper that is free from lignin, making it durable and resistant to yellowing over time.

Woodfree paper comes in both coated and uncoated version. While this is
the case, woodfree is more commonly associated with uncoated paper.


Characteristics of Uncoated Woodfree Paper

Eco-friendly Vibe: The uncoated finish of woodfree paper gives off a more natural look to the target audiences.

Printability Across Various Processes: Woodfree paper proves its versatility in the printing world by seamlessly adapting to different printing processes. Whether it’s offset printing, digital printing or inkjet printing, this paper variety performs consistently.

Archival Quality for Enduring Prints: Woodfree paper often boasts archival quality, resisting yellowing and deterioration over time. This characteristic is particularly crucial for books, educational materials, and any content that aims for long term storage.


Applications of Uncoated Woodfree Paper

  1. Office Stationery

Woodfree paper is widely used for everyday office stationery such as letterheads, envelopes and notebooks. Its writable surface and durability make it perfect for jotting down notes, ideas, and daily tasks.

  1. Printing Documents

Everyday printing needs, including invoices, documents, reports, and presentations, can be efficiently met with woodfree paper. Its high printability ensures crisp and clear text, making it ideal for corporate communication.

  1. Educational Materials

From textbooks to workbooks, woodfree paper is a staple in educational materials. Its archival quality ensures that educational content remains readable and intact for an extended period of time.

  1. Art Sketching

Artists often choose woodfree paper for sketching and drawing due to its high opacity and writable surface.

  1. Personal Print Projects

Whether it’s printing party invitations, DIY project instructions, or family newsletters, woodfree paper caters to a variety of personal print projects. Its versatility nature and ability to handle different printing processes make it a reliable choice for creative endeavours at home.

In these day-to-day applications, woodfree paper seamlessly integrates into various aspects of our lives, offering a balance between functionality and print quality. As one of the major paper suppliers in Singapore, OVOL Singapore offers a diverse selection of woodfree paper to ensure that we have options that meet your specific project needs. Connect with us through to explore!

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