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June 30, 2022

Advertise With Floor Decals And Get Your Customers’ Attention


Singaporeans spend over two hours a day scrolling through social media on their smartphones, be it at home or when they are out and about1. This means their eyes will be cast downwards for a fair part of the day. 

Floor decals are a relatively new addition to the marketers’ arsenal, effectively turning any floor space into a billboard. 

Humans are programmed to look where they are walking to make sure they won’t trip or fall. We are more likely to look at messaging below our feet than above our heads. And given that the probability of your target market having their head tilted downwards will inevitably rise as smartphone technology continues to evolve, floor advertising is poised to become one of the most cost-efficient mediums of getting your brand in potential customers’ line of vision. 

They are highly versatile, as they can be cut to any size and shape to custom fit any space from narrow corridors to busy retail stores, to large hotel lobbies and cavern-like event spaces. They can be applied to a wide range of flooring, including tiles, wood, marble, concrete and even carpet. Unlike billboards and hoardings, they don’t obstruct foot traffic. Floor stickers also cost significantly less than other out of home advertising collateral, hence making it possible to print vast quantities to be used within any given space. To ensure lasting durability and functionality, top quality floor decals are coated in a slip-resistant vinyl which prevents accidents. In addition, they are easy to apply, and are just as easy to remove, causing no damage to surfaces. Besides acting as a marketing aide, floor decals can also be harnessed as a wayfinding tool to guide people around a space.  

Due to its novelty, floor decals rarely fail to get noticed. However, there are some tactics you could adopt to maximise their impact: 

  • Size and location is everything. Place your floor decals in areas of high footfall but ensure that they are large enough to be seen, especially if the area is wide and open. 
  • Use bright colours. Ramp up the colour intensity of your floor graphics. Red, yellow and neon tones are suitable eye-catching shades to use on floor decals. 
  • Be playful. Using humour or adopting a whimsical theme ensures that your message will stand out in consumers’ minds. 

Advances in print and ink technology now allow floor graphics to be printed in dramatic colours, and to integrate lifelike images. It is also possible to take high-resolution images and convert them into full-colour floor advertising. The 2D nature of floor stickers does not limit your ability to utilise it to create 3D graphics. Making clever use of perspective, a floor decal can appear as if it were popping out from surfaces which can even be seen from a distance.  

OVOL’s DigiTuff Bureki, a water-resistant, floor sticker, is R102 certified slip-resistance, which meets BCA minimum pendulum and ramp recommendation for specific locations. It is also tear resistant and will withstand anything from pallet trucks to stiletto heels. Once applied, it will not stretch or become distorted. It uses a special adhesive, making it easy to apply and reposition. Last but not least, DigiTuff Bureki has been specially designed for digital dry-toner printers and requires no lamination.