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March 14, 2022

Boost Your Sustainability Credentials with FSC® Certified Paper

Sustainability is becoming more important for all companies, across all sectors in Singapore and around the world. 

HSBC’s 2019 Navigator survey ( › campaigns) revealed that amongst Singapore firms, 88% agree that sustainable practices will enhance growth and profitability. 

Sustainability was thrust into the limelight once again as countries pushed their zero-carbon agenda amid scientific evidence that climate change contributes to pandemics1. So, addressing climate change now would help humans to become more resilient in the future. We are therefore at a crucial turning point in human history, and over the next decade, governments, organisations and society must ramp up their actions to tackle the climate crisis. 

A study carried out in March 2021 by Accenture in partnership with the Worldwide Fund for Nature ( found that Singapore’s state of sustainability is a prime concern for consumers, with 80% stating they care for the environment. A third (32%) claimed that they would make most purchasing decisions based on their product sustainability and environmental impact. A further third (35%) said they would be willing to pay a premium for up to 10% for sustainable alternatives. Evidently, COVID-19 has accelerated consumers’ consciousness of sustainability, and businesses who are at the forefront of this shift stand to reap immense benefits. 

Companies who adopt sustainability policies do not just help the environment – sustainability initiatives can lead to an improved brand image, happier shareholders, reduced overheads as well as increases in productivity. 

How can businesses ensure that they are consuming paper in a responsible manner?

One of the viable solutions is to use paper from Responsible Forestry. That is, using paper that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) uses a system of inspecting and tracking timber and pulp across the supply chain. This means that trees are grown for commercial purposes which also helps provide a means of livelihood for millions (3) but it is well managed, with trees being replanted with minimal disruption to local communities. Today, over 200 million hectares of forest are managed to FSC® standards around the world.  Businesses that adopt FSC® papers are, hence making an eco-friendlier choice. 

OVOL Singapore pioneered the introduction of paper made from pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests. It holds the accolade of being the first paper supplier in Singapore to receive FSC® certification and is dedicated to ensuring that its clients extend their sustainable practices to their printed materials. OVOL currently procures a comprehensive line of FSC®-certified papers across various grades and finishes including papers that have up to 100% recycled content. These are suitable for use in all your printing and visual communication needs – be it for annual reports, brochures, flyers, leaflets, magazines, packaging, mailers and cards. Its most popular offering is Green Forest Offset , an uncoated FSC® certified paper that allows you to reflect your commitment to the environment without compromising on quality, clarity and affordability.

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