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SAN-AIR™ is an Australian brand utilizing only 100% plant based actives, sustainable, high quality ingredients to produce Air Purification products suitable for any Indoor Environment
SAN-AIR™ has created a family of products that have an incredible efficacy in killing 99.9% of bacteria, removing mould and viruses in air spaces and on surfaces.
SAN-AIR™ V3R technology is made from proprietary formula consisting of Australian essential oils which is 100% natural, no chemicals and 100% safe, safe to touch, safe to breathe and safe for food. More importantly, SAN-AIR products help to freshen the air around you.

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SAN-AIR™ Air Purifier Reactive Gel

SAN-AIR™ LD Concentrate Surface Sanitiser

SAN-AIR™ Split System Bio-Clean Gel

SAN-AIR™ Air Handler V3R Reactive Gel

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